LUPHAHLA supplies a number of hardware options from reputable international brands and offer full
installation and back-up support to ensure the on-going effectiveness of your business. The hardware
ranges from:
  Desktops (Monitor, PC, Keyboard, Mouse)
  Fax machines
  Servers (Powerful computers dedicated to managing resources such as files, printers, software
  Communications equipment (wireless connectors, network cables, etc)

LUPHAHLA supplies a wide variety of software options from reputable international brands. The
software will be installed in the hardware and licenses are managed by us. Examples of software are:

  Microsoft Products (Word, Excel, Project, Power point, etc);

  Open Source Software (Free Software available on the Internet);

  Enterprise Relationship Management Systems (ERP), this is a software that assist in management of
processes such as Human resources, procurement, asset management, payroll, etc); and

  Installation and setup of off-the shelf software - We provide installation services of any software.

Networking involves connecting two or more computers with the aim of enabling them to communicate
with each other and also enabling people to access the Internet. We use different types of technologies
such as networking using the traditional cables or the latest technologies such as Wireless or a
combination of different technologies depending on client requirements. LUPHAHLA offers its clients
the installation, maintenance and support of all networks such as:

  Local Area network ( The computers are geographically close together, i.e. in the same building);

  Wide Area network ( The computers are further apart, i.e. different buildings and cities); and

  Internet network (This ensures that the clients can connect to the Internet, different technologies
such as Wireless networks are used based on client requirements).
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